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#PsychoTHRILLER #FitnessMovie


*** Casting SAT. @TheReef DTLA ***

*Produced by: HHTVfilm / Hollywood, CA

*Score/Soundtrack Music:

El Debarge Jr., Snoop, etc.

*Post Production: Paramount Studios

*Sponsored by: L.A. Gear & We Care MD.

*Shooting: February 2nd, 2017



Dr. Jamie Hutchinson is a young shrink, a psychologist – just like her father, only Jamie is a healer not a warrior. Daily, she listens to the problems of her many clients, and she cares – maybe cares a little too much. But she's OK. She tells herself she can always jog it off – run along the beach and remember that they are somebody else's problems, not hers. Yeah right…


She wants to somehow free her clients from their cycle of depression and self-loathing. It’s always at the hands of some aggressor. The shadow…the taker. She talks and talks to them and she sees them inching towards feeling good, but then falling back into an abyss.


Jamie finds her most success with hypnosis. That's what her dad taught her.


One night, on a full moon, Jamie forgets herself and becomes her alter ego, Jasmine, the Seductress/Punisher in a black wig and leather— searching out the guilty men who have done her clients wrong...



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