The Company

HHTVfilm (Helping Humanity Through Vision - Film) is a Global Brand & creative based film company aimed at making new and innovative Movies, TV Shows, Content, & Media that elevate and expand the True Artform of Cinema & Storytelling.  Our expert experience & professional insight into international Youth Art, Film, Television, Music, and Global Culture inspires us to apply our innovative business algorithms, strategies & innovations to create cutting edge projects.  These projects are  artistically exciting & economically viable in all of our target markets worldwide. We have an experienced team of geniuses that are very active in every aspect of the film industry. (With skills ranging from Conceptualizing and Writing, to Product Placement, Marketing,Distribution, and Brand Integration) We are always seeking to push the envelope & expand our Global Market Creatively.

In 2019/2020, after setting up our film studio bases in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Valencia, CA and Atlanta, GA; & Establishing key Marketing & Distribution partnerships we added several film veterans to our Dream Team.   HHTVfilm has now emerged as one of the Hottest New Creative Forces in Hollywood for Film & Television, Branding, Marketing, Multi Media & much More.

Executive Production Team

Line Producer & Camera Department

Juan Le Roux

Producer Juan has worked as a Top-notch Line Producer on many national and international productions in & out of South Africa. He has also successfully produced various productions for the indian film industry. Including his latest commercial "DIGI VALET" done for Full moon Productions (Mumbai). He has also worked with Jalio Faber (International DOP) on a Tena Commercial to be aired in France soon.

Within the camera department Juan has recently worked on Jab (SABC Drama), Buurtwag (Kyknet Comedy Series) and Honey 3 (International Feature).

Juan and his brother DOP (e-TV) Pierre Le Roux recently won an award from the Canada Film Festival for their reality series "Ibogaine Safari".

Pierre Le Roux

Executive Producer

Charles Dahlgren

(Aka. Star Trek / Sneaky Shark / Executive Producer / Super Producer & Script Supervisor)

Basquiat... Che... Charlie!


Marc Gray


Marc Gray, comes from a musical & film family in the industry hailing from South Africa, Philly & NYC (James Brown, Miles Davis, DeBarge, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Mfundi Vundla, etc.) & has been working on major film projects since the classic movie "Belly" in 1998 (Anthony Bodden / Hype Williams / Artisan Ent.).  After working on major projects like Shaft (Samuel Jackson), the Jerry Springer movie, Fast & Furious 2, The Big Come Up (in South Africa), Zain global Tv Ads, etc., Marc has gained a crucial knowledge & understanding of Cinema theory & international filmmaking from the Major & 'Indie' perspectives. This is very advantageous & sets him apart from his counterparts both technically & creatively. 

As an international Executive Producer/ Producer, he has worked on Comcast, CapeTown TV, Soweto TV, Sabc, & Dstv TV shows (Channel O, MTV Base, Vuzu, etc.), also Corporate videos (Cell-C), music videos (televised in over 40 countries) & award winning film projects, in the USA & Africa, also on TV projects in Asia.

Now in 2017, with added access to Europe & Asia, most major & indie studios in Hollywood/LA, the major casting agents (CAA, ICM, Gersh, WMA, etc.), finance institutions & Crowdfund managers , global marketing & PR (NewsWire, etc.), & major distribution partnerships (4500+ Screens, 36+ Territories / Sony, Paramount, Lions Gate, etc.) 'Mr. Gray' has positioned himself as a central figure in the developing Global Indie & Mass Media Markets.

Daniel Cho

Marketing Director

Daniel Cho is perhaps one of the most prolific personality in the visual art, graphic design, film and internet world. He is an accomplished painter, artist, graphic designer, a retired Army officer, a script writer, a website designer and he knows how to code. His mind is both analytical and creative and when you listen to him speakyou can't help but wonder if you are in the presence of an ancient soul.


VFX Team

DG Digital Art

Known for working with:

Amazon, Oxy 10, Pic N Pay, Etc


Past Works, Partners & Sponsors