New Scripts

1. Ignite (Fire Spinning Movie)

2. Dr. Love (Drama/Comedy)

3. The Start Up (Romantic/Fantasy)


*We are now accepting submissions from New Writers for our Publishing Partnerships w/ Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & other major outlets.



1. New TV Shows (10+)

now pitching to the Networks

2. Homestead (Action/Drama)


3. LA Jogger (Thriller)


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Hollywood Events

VIP Celebrity Events in Hollywood

& Beverly Hills

(locations to be revealed).


Happy Golden Globes!

Happy Emmy Awards!

Happy Oscars !


Now Casting

*Actors send Showreels, Pictures, & Bios to to submit.

*iTAgency is Now opening up 30 Exclusive slots for new Talent Working in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, etc. #Actors & #Models for Film, TV, Commercials, Voice-Overs, Modeling, etc. -- #LetsWORK!

*NOW Casting for Psycological Thriller Movie #LAJogger (Female Lead role).

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*L.A. Jogger Movie Sponsors #LAGear


** We are very Excited to announce a new Global Publishing Patnership for Books, Scripts, etc. & to expand our Writing Team to over 50+ Writers available for Movie/TV Scripts, Books, Ghost-writing, Newspaper & Magazine Articles, etc.


*** We are also very Happy to announce the new #HHTVsports Roster for 2017 is taking shape with 20+ NFL Pro Athletes (& Endorsement Slots with Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Pepsi, Gatorade, etc. for about 50+ Pro Athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.).

This is a Positive Love Movement that will help young people through Health & Fitness while pairing with Synergetic Global, Regional & Local Brands to expand the Total Impact & Upliftment Power!


#LuxuryLifeBH - Sales & Rentals;

Mansions, Exotic Cars, Private Jets, Yachts, Etc.


#PHIL - Positive Healthy Integrated Living.


"Chi-ILL The Series" - New Hit TV Drama filmed in & telling the Real story of Chicago